Oral Surgery in Belmar, New Jersey

At Smiles By The Sea, we will do everything that we can to keep your smile healthy, including oral surgery. Our oral surgery procedures include:
Wisdom tooth extraction, which removes wisdom teeth that are causing problems for your mouth. Wisdom teeth are the back molars in your upper and lower jaw and can cause issues when there isn’t enough room in your mouth to accommodate them. As a result, wisdom teeth can grow out into other teeth or remain underneath the gum line (impacted wisdom teeth) which can cause pain, inflammation, infection, and even cysts.

Bone grafting, the process of adding additional tissue to your jaw bone. This procedure is recommended when the patient doesn’t have enough jaw bone tissue to support implants or dentures. 

Orthognathic Surgery corrects issues related to your jaws, such as bite imbalances and misalignment. 

Facial trauma surgery, which treats facial and dental injuries such as broken teeth and bones. 
Sleep apnea surgery for people suffering from sleep apnea. This procedure removes excess fatty tissues in the throat which impede your ability to breath at night. 

Dr. Sniscak, your emergency dentists in Belmar, will perform a comprehensive examination, review your dental and medical history, and look at all of your possible treatment options before deciding if surgery is necessary. If surgery is recommended, you will be given anesthesia to minimize any pain or discomfort. Contact Smiles By The Sea in Belmar to speak with us today.